The Chair

(This piece was submitted for my Creative Writing coursework; graded: 70/100 with A Strange Day in July and Nature’s Angry.  An extended metaphor about a friendship)

You’ve had this chair for a long time now.  It’s comfortable, supportive and not bad to look at.  You were once proud to have this chair.  You didn’t want to let it go.  But after a few years, someone put a hole in the back – or at least you think it was someone else.  Either way, you barely even noticed to begin with.  Then, one time you sat down and it didn’t feel as comfortable as usual – maybe a spring had gone.  Was that you?  Had it been the person who put the hole in the back?

As time went on, the hole worsened and the chair became more and more uncomfortable.  You started to find reasons not to sit down at all.  That hole’s now a tear etching its way across the front and – what’s that? – a bad smell coming from it?  Surely you can repair it.  A bit of air freshener, a needle and thread.  Yeah, it’ll be fine.  But once the needle’s in, the tear gets bigger and springs lose their elasticity.  You’re so repulsed by the fact that this chair – this once magnificent piece of furniture is… what, rejecting you?

You thought time away might lessen the discomfort.  But you were wrong.  The last time you sat down, it was so uncomfortable that you went to an empty room – alone.  Sometimes you have to pass the old chair and you refuse to look at it because it meant something to you – still does.  In fact, you try your hardest to avoid it altogether.

What does this chair feel?  Can it miss you?  All you know is you can never stitch it back up because it’s too stubborn to let you.  And you can’t afford a new one right now because you didn’t have insurance.  You didn’t think you’d need it.  So you stay in the empty room.  Maybe one day, you’ll feel like it’s forgiven you.  One day…

It never did in the end.


A year of standing alone.  Then, you found a new chair.  Completely by surprise.  To begin with, you didn’t want to get too attached – you’d point out its flaws without realising, never wanting to get too comfortable.  But soon you realise this chair is different.  In a good way too.  It’s the best chair you’ve ever had.

After a long day of work, you can throw yourself onto it and relax.  It’s plump, smells fresh and genuinely brings a smile to your face.  Something the old chair hadn’t been able to do for a long time.  It’s gone now, that old chair.  At times, you might wonder ‘where is it?’, ‘did it continue to break down?’, and ‘who put the hole in the back?’  But you don’t like to dwell on those thoughts.  This new chair is just so much better.


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