Nature’s Angry

(This piece was submitted for my Creative Writing coursework; graded: 70/100 with A Strange Day in July and The Chair)

The sudden roaring of oceanic winds so violent the ornaments shiver.  I go to the window, the fallen leaves swirl as if caught in an invisible tornado before scattering across the lawn in a flurry of orange, yellow and red.  Maybe nature’s angry.  Or maybe she just wants your attention.  I mean just look at what she can do.  Perhaps the sky is grey to make the leaves easier to see – have you ever thought about that?

Later on, rain drums on the windowsill as I lie in bed.  Counting sheep never works, but there’s something therapeutic about rain and wind in unison.  I’d go to the window again, but I’m wrapped up, nodding off.  I can only imagine her beautiful chaos.

The morning after, there’s a stillness as I leave the house – a humidity like rising anger.  Within minutes, the clouds begin to spit and the breeze picks up.  The leaves fly for me, as if charging to attack.  I put up my umbrella, but the rain’s coming from every direction possible, travelling on dancing winds.  The flamenco – yeah, that seems like an angry dance.  Nature has no mercy for me this morning.  I arrive at my destination, soaked and miserable.  Hmm… I guess she really likes to show off.


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