There’s something about her that radiates warmth.  It could be her wooly winter jumpers, the intelligent – even romantic choosing of her words, or maybe, it’s the enchanting way she sees the world – capable of seeing beauty in everything.  That’s how I want to see it.

Sometimes she’ll enter my head at random moments.  Actually, quite a lot.  Sometimes I’ll see her among a crowd of people, only to realise it’s not her…just someone with a similar feature.  It’s daft really.  Visually, she so unique, you can’t imagine her following the crowd.

At first, she intrigued me.  We had so much in common that friendship was always a possibility.  Then, I thought… maybe she liked me.  My friends convinced me there was a spark.  She would message every few days, took time out of her day to speak to me – only me.  That’s when I realised… I liked her.  I liked her a lot.  I had just wanted her to like me.

I think she just wants to be friends.  And I think I’d be alright with that.

But still she’s on my mind.

I anticipate the opportunities where I know I’ll see her, but obstacles always seem to arise, often inexplicably, and I don’t.  I wish I could spend more time with her, then maybe I’d have the opportunity to tell her.  But sometimes it seems impossible.


Author: kylesimmsfro

A.K.A. The Guy With the Afro

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